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Curtin Free Food Society

Cuisine Quiz Night

Wed, 27 Mar 2024
17:00 - 20:00

🌍 Welcome to our exciting Cuisine Quiz Night, where members come together to test their knowledge about food and build connections within our club! Get ready for an evening filled with fun and cultural exploration. 🎉

Our Quiz Night will take place on Kahoot, with six rounds, each focusing on a different culture and its cuisine. As you compete in teams, you'll not only learn about diverse culinary traditions but also form bonds with fellow members. 🍽️

But wait, there's more! After every two rounds, we'll treat each team to culturally relevant snacks 🥨, enhancing the experience and satisfying your taste buds. And for the victorious team, a special prize awaits: a multicultural snack pack filled with delights from around the world. 🏆

Following the quiz, we'll come together for a final dinner featuring sushi 🍣 and sandwiches 🥪, perfect for celebrating our shared experiences and newfound connections. 🎊

The goal of this event is to foster a sense of community within our club, promoting teamwork and camaraderie among members, whether they're old friends or new acquaintances. Not only will you enjoy delicious food throughout the night, but you'll also have the opportunity to forge lasting friendships and deepen your understanding of your fellow club members. 🤝

Limited tickets available, so grab yours now and mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of food, fun, and friendship! 📅

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